Bodhi’s story

Bodhi's mum shares their story...

"Bodhi started his nappies to pants journey in December 2021.

I took a leap of faith by joining the DSUK Positive About Down syndrome (PADS) toilet training boot camp on my lunch break from work one day.

PADS provides expert advice and information regarding all aspects of toileting issues for children with Down syndrome. The '#Pants4School' initiative aims to help and support children with Down syndrome to start school in pants.
Boy with Down Syndrome in school uniform

I can honestly say both myself and Bodhi did not feel ready for this journey but with pressure from grandparents ‘as Bodhi was 3 years old and should be in pants’ we took the jump.

Bodhi took to it surprisingly well, me however felt very unprepared.

The closed group and weekly get togethers for chats about what was working for everyone was a gods send. This gave me the confidence to keep going when I was knee deep in wet underpants.

The 5 step program really does work and I would never of had the confidence or knowledge to go it alone on the journey.

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Bodhi is now 9 months in pants and does still have the occasional accident but he has achieved so much. He started reception in September in pants and I couldn’t have been prouder."

If you would like to chat with other parents about potty training your child with Down syndrome and receive expert advice, join the Facebook Under 5s group or over 5s group.

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