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Complex Bladders & Bowels

Includes an introduction to Clean Intermittent Catheterisation, management of indwelling catheters, Mitrofanoff care and bowel washouts via ACE and rectally. For health care professionals who have attended our Healthy Bladders & Bowels training. This course will be delivered via Zoom webinar over two half-day sessions


How to tackle potty and toilet avoidance

The vicious circle of poo withholding and constipation, the perplexing problem of wee withholding and the mystery of where children choose to wee and poo. Insights and ideas to help you plan your child’s journey to the toilet.


How to help your child relax for toilet sits

Busy children find it difficult to make time for effective toileting. We will share ideas for how to engage your child in the process, making it a fun time for all.


How to go about toilet training when your child has additional needs

“Oh yes they can!” A positive approach to toileting, busting the myths that surround so many of our children with additional needs. Eve and Fiona will help you recognise the importance of understanding your child’s sensory world as a first step towards using the toilet.


How to manage your child’s bedwetting

Understanding why children wet at night, what the treatments are and how to work out what is best for your child. Ways to help manage the problem from bedding protection to an exciting new App.



Healthy Bladders & Bowels (short course)

This session is a reminder of healthy bladder and bowel management, focussing on the impact constipation and daytime bladder problems have on the child’s ability to achieve continence. An opportunity to test your knowledge and to get up to date on the latest treatments.  


Talking more about poo (for parent and carers)

This webinar is designed for parents and carers who have children facing challenges related to bowels.Our aim is to give you more information about interventions that can be offered to manage ongoing bowel emptying problems and prevent soiling.


Talking about: toileting with additional needs (for parents & carers)

Join us for a webinar led by our Family Services Team in which we will be discussing how we can prepare and support children with additional needs with their toilet training, focusing on the challenges they may meet and how we can support them in feeling comfortable using the toilet at a pace that reflects […]