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Follow us on our social media channels. By liking, sharing and commenting on our posts, you can help to amplify our messages, and help more families see tips and resources to help manage their child's toileting challenges.

Helping to create this louder online conversation, will help to take the stigma out of issues that are still considered to be embarassing or taboo.

Use your networks to raise awareness of the help available for families and their children

Because of nature of bowel and bladder conditions, families can often feel embarrassed and delay seeking help. Some families struggle for months, even years, before finding the support they need.

Children's bowel and bladder conditions are common - at least 1 in 12 children are affected at somepoint in their childhood - and when people start talking about these issues they are often surprised by how many other families are affected.

You can help more families to understand they are not alone by:

  • signposting ERIC's resources at your child's school, nursery or playgroup
  • talking to friends, family members and work colleagues about the challenges that children affected by bowel and bladder conditions face
  • promoting good bowel and bladder health tips in your workplace or local community groups by printing out our wee and poo checkers

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