Our Helpline will close from Friday 22nd December until Tuesday 2nd January.

Family webinars

Online support for parents and carers led by staff from our expertly trained Family Services Team.

These topic-based webinars are delivered live and designed to answer some of the most commonly asked questions that that come up on our Helpline.

Our current webinars that are available for you to book are listed below.


Wee and poo

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Talking more about poo (for parent and carers)

This webinar is designed for parents and carers who have children facing challenges related to bowels.Our aim is to give you more information about interventions that can be offered to […]


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Recent webinars

Talking about wee and poo

In this 90 minute webinar, watch our Helpline team talking about:

  • How we poo, how to recognise a poo problem and disimpaction
  • How to establish a positive toilet routine
  • Supporting children with withholding
  • How we wee, how to help the bladder get healthy and the 4 steps to a healthy bladder
  • Tips to tackle bedwetting

Undertaking a disimpaction to treat constipation

In this 28 minute video, our Family Services Manager guides you through instructions for undertaking a disimpaction using macrogol laxatives.

If your child has been diagnosed with constipation and your GP or nurse has prescribed macrogol laxatives, this video will explain how they can be used to successfully treat the blockage and manage the constipation.

Tips for relaxing on the toilet

Watch one of our Family Service advisors talk through advice and tips for making toilet time a more relaxing and enjoyable experience for your child.

This is a 30 minute recording of a webinar recorded in October 2023. Auto-generated captions can be turned on by clicking on the CC icon in the viewing window below.

Talking about bedwetting

Our Family Services Manager hosts a 90 minute webinar looking at the causes of bedwetting and how to treat it.

How to complete an Individual Healthcare Plan (IHCP)

In this video, one of our Family Services Advisors talks through how to fill out an Individual Health Care Plan. This video has automatically generated captions and is 25 minutes long.