Help for you

Caring for a child with a continence condition can have a big impact on all areas of a young person's life.

Whether you have a toddler or a teenager, the following pages are full of information and resources to help you manage and cope with the day to day.

A free, confidential service for anyone caring for a child with a wee or poo problem. Get up-to-date, reliable information from our highly trained team to help you to access the advice you need.

Information and support for anyone caring for a child with additional needs (including autism, sensory processing and Down's syndrome). Get help with toileting training, assessment and managing a continence condition.

Resources and fun stuff for younger children to help them understand more about how their bodies work and preventing wee and poo problems.

Read other young people's experience of managing their conditions at school, with friends and on trips away from home.

Resources and information to help your child get the support they need at nursery, school and college.

Read inspiring stories from young people and parents whose lives have been affected by bladder and bowel conditions.