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Easter wee with bunny ears and feet, holding Easter eggs.

Read inspiring stories from young people and parents whose lives have been affected by bladder and bowel conditions.

Discover how they have overcome challenges in everyday life, to show that you're not alone.

Last year Holly and her son Barney were on a difficult journey with Barney’s bladder condition. It was far from the care-free Christmas they wished for.

Alice and her parents took public transport for a day out. The lack of accessible toilets ruined their trip. She explains how it feels to live with an invisible condition.

Willow and her mum share their experience of using a Transanal Irrigation System (TAI) to manage chronic constipation.

Huw's mum Karen is sharing her experience of getting her son's constipation diagnosed and treated. She highlights the challenges when a young person is autistic.

Breaking the stigma of bedwetting: George explains his diagnosis of primary enuresis and the misunderstandings around the condition.

Emily is now a happy, carefree 4 year old. But from the age of 2, she struggled with chronic constipation brought on by withholding her poo.

Joe was born with a bladder condition. He has faced many challenges growing up and wants to share how he navigated his way through life at school, to being a teenager, and then a student at university.