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The following pages contain clinically approved information and resources to help with potty training and children's bowel and bladder conditions.

Our content is reviewed by our Professional Advisory Committee (PAC), a group of experts working in the field of children’s bowel and bladder health and is in line with guidance issued by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence).

Our award-winning work is recognised in the UK and internationally and we are acknowledged as a trusted authority in the field of children’s bowel and bladder health.

Information about how to maintain a healthy bowel and tackling common problems including constipation, soiling and withholding.

Information about how to maintain a healthy bladder and tackling common problems such as wetting accidents, withholding and urinary tract infections.

We have gathered all the evidence on potty training and turned into an easy-to-follow 3 step approach: preparation, practice followed by perfecting those skills ready to stop wearing nappies.

Why the bathroom is frightening place for some children and how we can help them overcome their fears.

Rules and best practice guidance relating to school toilet facilities and access to using them.

Some of our popular factsheets are now available in other languages - with more to come soon.

Groups, organisations and websites that offer further support and information to help you support your child.

If your child is struggling with a bowel or bladder problem, read our explanations of some common medical terms you might come across.