Children with additional needs

The following pages contain information and resources to help with potty training, toileting and children's bowel and bladder conditions.

Information for children with additional needs and sensory issues including delayed development, ASD and physical disabilities who may take a little longer to become toilet trained.

Untreated or undertreated constipation is a major obstacle to toilet training. Our video explains why it's so common and how to treat it.

Advice, resources and recomended products to support your child with toileting routines, including social stories, flash cards and videos.

Why the bathroom is frightening place for some children and how we can help them overcome their fears.

Information about some of the challenges that children on the autistic spectrum may experience when toilet training and how you can support them. 

Children with autism or a learning disability are more likely to have tummy problems and become constipated. Find out why and get tips to help.

Interoception is our eighth sense. It tells us how we are feeling and understand key sensations in our body such as: do I need to wee or poo?

Signposting and links to other organisations and resources to support families.