Leave us a gift in your Will

Leaving ERIC a special gift in your Will means we can support children and teenagers affected by bowel and bladder issues for generations to come.

To help you with the process of leaving us a Legacy Gift, we're pleased to announce that we've joined Remember a Charity.

What is Remember a Charity?

Remember a Charity supports charities like ERIC, by providing all the information you need, and answering any questions you have about leaving a Legacy Gift in your Will. Gifts like this, enable us to continue to provide help and support for children and their families.

The Remember a Charity website contains a wealth of information to support you, with finding a solicitor or Will writer and how to leave ERIC a Gift in your Will.

For more information on how to get started, take a look at the following FAQs:

If you would like to speak to us about leaving ERIC a Legacy Gift in your Will, please get in touch as we'd love to chat to you.

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Why leave ERIC a Gift in your Will?

ERIC’s Patron and Founder - Director, Dr Penny Dobson MBE, talks about leaving ERIC a Legacy Gift in her Will. She hopes that others will follow …

Why did I leave a Legacy Gift to ERIC?

I was very aware that this would be a major support to ERIC, the charity that I set up over 36 years ago. I wanted to help ERIC continue to be the lifeline for the thousands of families with children who have continence difficulties.

Was the process of making a Legacy easy?

Yes, surprisingly so. I made my Will with a solicitor – and asked for a clause which gives a share of my Estate to ERIC. This was a straightforward process and I discovered that I could choose a Gift based upon an Estate share, or arrange a pre-planned donation.

Why is Legacy Giving important for ERIC?

This income provides a cornerstone for a charity which is not “mainstream” and which finds some of the more traditional fundraising opportunities more challenging than many other children’s charities.

It has been – and continues to be – a hard task to raise enough funds to enable ERIC to meet the need for its services for children, their families and health workers.

Despite these challenges, the charity has not only survived – but has grown in the scope and extent of its services. It is heartening to hear the positive feedback from the many thousands of families and their children who tell us that ERIC has changed their lives.

The ERIC team remains dedicated to progressing this life-affecting cause.

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