Younger children

If a child has a wee or poo problem it can be helpful for them to understand how their bladder and bowel works and what can go wrong.

On this page you'll find a mixture of videos and resources aimed at primary school aged children.

Understanding wee and poo problems

In this flipbook, our Wee and Poo characters explain in a child friendly way why wee and poo accidents sometimes happen and the things children can do to prevent wetting and soiling.

Pooper highway

Watch our short animation about spotting the signs of constipation in children and how it should be treated.

Bedwetting detective

Our short animated film explains why bedwetting happens and the steps children can try to get dry.

A wee and poo adventure story

What happens inside your body when you put off going to the loo? Find out in our story book: "When it's time to go, it's time to go!".

Wee and poo colouring sheets

Download the images below for children to colour in.

Sam's story

A boy shares his experience of constipation and soiling.

Understanding how our bowels and bladder work

Find out more about how our bodies make poo with Dr Chris and Dr Xand from Operation Ouch. (4 mins)

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