The impact of getting the right support and information to deal with a continence difficulty can be dramatic: children can start living a normal life, they can take part in social activities, they feel happier and more confident, and the strain on family life is lifted.

Speaking to an ERIC adviser was a lifeline. They gave such clear and helpful advice. It made a huge difference and we were able to get our daughter’s toilet problems under control. It’s changed our family life for the better and my daughter is so much happier now. (Parent, July 2020)

Watch some young people talking about the difference it can make when they can talk openly about their continence conditions.

In numbers

Following a call to the ERIC Helpline*:

  • 85% said they felt ERIC gave them a strategy for tackling their child’s problem
  • 65% said their child’s condition was resolved or improved three months after contacting us
  • 66% said they felt more able to manage the day to day challenges of their child’s bowel or bladder condition
  • 69% of families said the ERIC Helpline had made a positive difference to their family life

*Based on feedback submitted by Helpline users who contacted ERIC between 01/10/21 and 31/03/22

Annual report

We are registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Our latest set of annual accounts (year end March 2022) are available to download below. Annual accounts from the last five years can be viewed on the Charity Commission website.

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    Our project highlights

    We are expanding our Family Services team and harnessing the power of volunteers to support even more families affected by bowel and bladder condtions.

    An evidence based approach to potty training, aimed at reducing the number of children starting school in nappies.

    A group of 10 young people have come together to raise awareness of their conditions and create resources for others affected by similiar issues.

    The difference we make

    Child's avatar

    Harry beats bedwetting before a school camp

    ERIC’s helpline became a lifeline for Elizabeth whilst she persevered with getting treatment for her son Harry’s bedwetting.

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    Avatar of child

    Poppy understands it's not her fault

    Poppy’s family got help at an ERIC workshop to help tackle her overactive bladder

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