Teenagers and young people

The following pages contain advice and information for teenagers and young people living with bowel and bladder conditions.

The advice in these pages were created by young people with real life experience of living with and managing chronic bladder and bowel conditions.

We've based our information on the issues they said matter to them the most: how to get the right help and support, deciding who to tell about a problem and how to deal with it at home and at school.

ERIC's Young Champions have designed a survey to find out what students across the U.K think about their school toilets.

Advice from young people about sharing information about your condition with friends.

Information and resources to help when you are talking to medical professionals and services.

Advice from other young people about how to manage transitions from primary to secondary and manage your condition at school and college.

Going on a school trip or sleepover? Don't panic! Find out what you can do to manage your bowel or bladder condition away from home.

A group of young people have worked together to share their experiences and helped to create these pages. Find out more about their project.