Survey on school toilets

The ERIC Young Champions, are a group of 12-19 yr olds from across the UK who are researching the experience of young people with bowel and bladder conditions.

In their meetings this autumn the group has been discussing their experience of using toilets at school. They would like to hear from other young people what they think about their school toilets and have created a survey to capture the views of students across the U.K.

a row of toilet doors

This survey is for all students and you do not need to have experience of a bowel and bladder condition to answer the survey!

At the end of the survey there is an option to enter a draw to win one of 5 £20 vouchers.

All of the results are anonymous and the data will go on to help improve the lives of those with bowel and bladder conditions, particularly their experience of schools.

The survey should take only 10 minutes.

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