Let's Go Potty: Let's go together!

Welcome to Let’s Go Potty: ERIC's campaign to get the best information and advice to everyone involved in the potty training journey. 

For many years we have supported thousands of families of children facing continence challenges. A lot of these problems start around the potty training stage, with more children than ever before starting school in nappies. 

We're passionate about reversing the trend towards later potty training for the benefit of children's health, independence, family well being and the environment.    

What's different about Let's Go Potty?

Let's Go Potty is an evidence based approach to getting children out of nappies and independently using the toilet. 

The foundation of our approach is that children are born ready to learn new skills. Parents should start early so their child can learn as you go along. Most importantly, you don't need to wait until your child stops using nappies to start teaching them the skills they need.

All the resources are free and explain how to prepare your child for potty training and stop using nappies.

Our approach has been developed with advice and input from Rebecca Mottram, Children’s Nurse and Potty Training Consultant.

Listen to a podcast recorded by our potty training expert, Rebecca, on why it's important to prepare children for removing nappies and how this can be done from a much younger age than you think.

3 step approach to potty training

Learning how to use the potty independently and stopping wearing nappies is a big milestone for your child. There are lots of new and exciting skills for them to learn with your help. To make this process easier for you both, follow our evidence-based Let's Go Potty approach.  

Step 1: PREPARATION: Spending time preparing your child in advance of taking their nappy away is the best way to help them move on to the next step

Step 2: PRACTICE: Teaching your child how to use a potty and feel comfortable around wee and poo is a great way to introduce the next step.

Step 3: STOPPING USING NAPPIES: Thanks to plenty of preparation and practice, your child has gained new skills and confidence. They are now ready for the last step which is to stop wearing nappies.

Our mission

We want to:

  • Help all those who care for young children to feel confident about potty training
  • Establish good bladder and bowel health in all children from babyhood  
  • Help carers to access resources and support, especially if things don’t go to plan 
  • Reduce the number of nappies and wipes going to landfill each year 
  • Reverse the trend of children reaching school age still wearing nappies 

Watch Juliette, ERIC's CEO talking about the impact of later potty training and our mission:

Follow our step by step guide to help your toddler become independently toilet trained.

We explain why children are being potty trained later with increasing numbers starting school wearing nappies.

Find out how parents and childcare settings can work together to support children with potty training.

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