Potty training at nursery and school

Early years practitioners can play an important role in supporting children and their parents with potty training.

Taking a skills-based approach to this key development milestone is a less stressful and more effective way to potty train. Our evidence-based 3 step Let's Go Potty approach is broken down into these stages: preparation, practice and then stopping using nappies.

Potty training regression at nursery

It’s not uncommon for children who are potty trained and reliably clean and dry at home, to start having accidents when they start going to nursery or preschool.

Our podcast episode looks at some of the reasons why this happens, and offer some advice about how to help your child get back on track.

We want all families and early years professionals to access reliable information about how to support good toileting.

With a good grounding in the basics of toilet training and an understanding of how to identify common continence problems, families have the best chance to help their child use the toilet independently.

It's vital that parents and early years practitioners work together to give children consistent messages.

Poster for your setting

To help signpost families to ERIC's information on potty training and common childhood toileting problems, download and display our posting in your setting.

An A4 poster that signposts readers to the ERIC website with our web address and a QR code


A short factsheet on storing and fitting nappies, pull-ups and pads, using creams, knowing when to change them and increasing their absorbency.

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