Joe’s story

Joe was born with a bladder condition. And further surgery as a child affected how his bowel worked.

He has faced many challenges growing up and wants to share how he navigated his way through life at school, to being a teenager, and then a student at university.

In his vlog, Joe shares the things he has learned along the way, how he has had to accept his disability and how it has become part of who he is as a person.

He talks about his early years at school, including navigating being a teenager, starting University and then starting a relationship.

Anxiety using the school toilets

In this video Joe talks about his early years at school and the anxiety he felt around using the toilets at school and dealing with questions from friends and classmates.

The importance of routine

In this video Joe talks about how planning ahead and having a routine helped him to manage his condition at school, and avoid stressful situations.

Teenage years

In this video Joe talks about the difficulties he encountered being a teenager who was trying to hide his condition.

Life at university

In this video Joe talks about how his perspective of his disability changed when he went to university and he started to meet a wider range of people who were dealing with challenges of their own.

Watch the full-length version of Joe's video diary. This is a 20 minute video. Captions can be turned on using Vimeo settings

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