Bladder training app free to download

URApp is officially available for download!

URApp smartphone app logoURApp is specially designed to support young people with daytime wetting and urgency. It works as a self-management tool to support bladder training in young people.

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URApp provides:

  • A diary to record daily drinking, toilet visits and other information you think is important.
  • Reminders to drink and visit the toilet regularly.
  • Charts to keep track of your progress.

URApp helped me to drink more regularly and space my drinks out throughout the day.

Visitors to the the URApp website will be able to:

  • Download the app (for IoS or Android)
  • View the URApp user guide
  • Access information about how URApp was developed
  • Find resources to support young people with daytime wetting

The most motivating things for me were seeing my progress over time and charting my drinking and toileting data.

Research based design

URApp was developed by a team of researchers at the University of Bristol. The team worked with doctors and nurses, psychologists, app developers, and young people to design an app supported by clinical and research evidence.

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