Contact ERIC’s Helpline using British Sign Language (BSL)

Did you know it’s now possible to contact ERIC’s expert Helpline advisors about childhood continence using British Sign Language (BSL)?

At ERIC, the Children’s Bowel & Bladder Charity, we want to help as many families as possible who are facing continence challenges. Our mission is for all children and young people to live a healthy and happy life, regardless of any bladder or bowel issue they face.

That’s why we are proud to say that our ERIC Helpline is now accessible to even more families, as we are offering British Sign Language signed calls.

We’re delighted that even more people can now reach our advice line for help on all things wee and poo, whether you have a child or teen suffering from continence problems like constipation or bedwetting; or if you need to talk about issues they’re having with toilet anxiety or school toilets.

Meet our friendly Family Services Helpline Advisor Sam, who is trained in BSL.

Sam’s story

Hi! My name is Sam, and I am one of ERIC’s family support and Helpline advisors. Being able to offer this signed service to families is something I hold very close to my heart, as I feel everyone should have the right to understand and be able to access information and help whenever they can.

I have always known signing and I signed before I could talk. I have an older sister who is profoundly deaf and this is her main communication, so my whole life, I’ve been bilingual of English and BSL. I was also her main advocate and voice.

I reflect on my own experiences of helping my sister throughout her life and knowing the struggles she has faced, and still faces, with being heard or getting the correct and best information she needs, due to people not knowing how to communicate with her or organisations not having the resources to offer the support she needs.

If I am able to support and listen to parents, grandparents carers and their children with their problems and help them find solutions, why wouldn’t I want to do that?

Our Helpline

Our small team of expert advisors are trained by healthcare professionals to provide up-to-date information and emotional support on a wide range of childhood continence issues. They are supported by volunteers who generously give their time, working shifts to answer calls and respond to emails.

All the information our team provides is based on guidelines produced by NICE – the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

Read more about our helpline here and complete our webform to request support from our advisor trained in British Sign Language.

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