Bedwetting Alarm Diary

Use the Bedwetting Alarm Diary to assess whether or not the alarm is helping your child.

Remember, before starting to use an alarm, read all the information in ERIC's Advice for children with night time wetting and Bedwetting alarms - your questions answered.

Instructions for parents completing a Bedwetting Alarm Diary

  1. Try to fill in as much information as possible; this will help to assess whether or not the alarm is helping.
  2. Start filling in the diary as soon as alarm treatment is started and continue until your doctor or nurse tells you to stop.
  3. If your child wets more than once a night, complete the chart for all episodes.
  4. In the amount of wetting column, choose one of the following options: just nightwear
    wet patch the size of a dinner plate
    wet patch covering most of the middle of the bed
    most of bed wet, including pillow and duvet.
  5. In the size of wee into the toilet column, write down whether the wee was small, medium or large.

Signs of progress

  1. Waking up more quickly when the alarm sounds.
  2. Only one wetting incident per night rather than two or more.
  3. The amount of wetting reduces.
  4. The size of the wee into the toilet increases.
  5. The time of wetting gets later.
  6. Waking up at night to go to the toilet before wetting.
  7. More dry nights!
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