Fundraising ideas

There are so many fun ways you can raise money to make sure every child, teenager and family affected by continence problems who needs our help gets it.

From sporting challenges like running a marathon to social events like a coffee morning, the possibilities are endless!

If you don’t know what to do, our A to Z of fundraising ideas will give you some inspiration. However you decide to fundraise for ERIC, we'll support you every step of the way.

A-Z of fundraising ideas

A: Auctions (silent, live or on eBay), antique fair, aerobics (start a new class or a one-off), art exhibition, abseil down a local landmark

B: Bake a cake (check out our special recipe for the Bristol Stool Chart poo cake), barbeque, barn dance, bike race, bring and buy sale, bad hair/tie/make-up day, bungee jump

C: Cake sale, coffee morning, cheese and wine party, car boot sale, craft fair, carol singing, Christmas cards, come dine with me event, car wash

D: Disco, dress down day, dog walking, dance marathon

E: Easter egg hunt, empty out your attic, egg and spoon race, Eurovision song contest, eating competition, eighties day or night out

F: Facebook Birthday Fundraiser

G: Guess how many (e.g. sweets in a jar), game show, garden party

H: Hoopla competition, hat wearing day at the office, Halloween party, half marathon

I: Ironing, It's A Knockout competition

J: Jazz night, jeans at work day, jumble sale

K: Karaoke night, kite flying competition, keep fit workout session, knitting for craft fair (see our knitting patterns for fun Wee and Poo characters)

L: Loose change collection, local treasure hunt, lucky dip, line dancing

M: Musical marathon, marathon, masked ball, magic show, mufti day

N: Nail-biting (give up your naughty habit), New Year’s Eve party

O: Office Olympics, open garden, odd jobs (lawn mowing, dog walking)

P: Pet talent show, pancake day, press up challenge, purple hair

Q: Quiz night

R: Raffle (note certain rules and regulations concerning raffles)

S: Sky diving, swimming event, sponsored silence, sweepstake

T: Tea party, tuck shop, talent competition, teddy bears picnic

U: Underwear out, unwanted presents

V: Variety show, volley ball tournament

W: Walk, wellie throwing competition, wedding reception honesty jar

X: X factor competition

Y: Yo-yo contest, yoga marathon, 'yes' day

Z: Zumba, zip wire, zany clothes day

Here's how one of our fantastic supporters helped:

Running a half marathon

ERIC fundraiser Amy, whose son Kane suffers from severe constipation, completed the Bournemouth Bay Half Marathon and raised over £250 for ERIC.

I completed the Bournemouth Bay Half Marathon in 2hr31. I'm so glad to help ERIC, they've been fab and understanding. My son, Kane, loves ERIC too. The weather was fantastic, I loved doing it even though my knees are sore. I have the bug now, so next, I want to jump out of a plane for ERIC! (Amy)


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