Intake-Output Chart

Use the Intake/Output Chart to record every drink, every wee (including wetting) and every poo (including soiling) your child has/does. The chart is available in the PDF file above.

Instructions for parents completing Intake/Output Chart

  1. Choose a day when your child is going to be home all day – not a school day!
  2. Your doctor or nurse will tell you how many days they would like to be recorded. The most important thing is accuracy – it doesn’t matter if the days are not consecutive.
  3. Write down every drink, every wee, including wetting, and every poo, including soiling. Write by the nearest hour – you don’t have to record the exact time.
  4. Please measure drinks and urine in mls.
  5. If it is not possible to measure the occasional wee, please tick in the box to show the child has passed urine.
  6. Do not send your child to the potty or toilet – try and record a normal day and let them go when they want to.
  7. Some children will be able to wee straight into a measuring jug. If they can’t, younger children can wee into a potty which you can then empty into a measuring jug. Older children might prefer to wee into a plastic bowl in the toilet – but make sure you catch all the wee! Tip into a measuring jug to measure.
  8. In the Stool Type column, write down the number from the Bristol Stool Chart that best describes the poo (see below).
  9. If your child gets up at night for a wee, they can just use the toilet normally. Tick to say they have been. Tick if they wet the bed/nappy/pull-up.

ERICs Poo Checker

ERICs Poo Checker based on the Bristol Stool Form Chart

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