Night Time Diary

The Night Time Diary can be used to determine the main reason why night time wetting occurs and to document progress when treatment is started.

Instructions for parents completing a Night Time Diary

  1. Try to fill in as much information as possible; this will help to get the treatment right.
  2. Write down every wetting incident, even if it is dampness in the child’s pyjamas.
  3. Fill in the diary for a whole week, or longer if your doctor or nurse asks for it.
  4. If your child wets more than once a night, write down the time, whether or not they woke and the amount of wetting for all episodes.
  5. The time of wetting can be difficult to determine. Your doctor or nurse may ask you to check the child’s bed before you go to bed and if you get up in the night. Sometimes it is useful to set an alarm and check every couple of hours just for a couple of nights to try and assess exactly what is happening.
  6. In the amount of wetting column, choose one of the following options:i) just nightwear
    ii) wet patch the size of a dinner plate
    iii) wet patch covering most of the middle of the bed
    iv) most of bed wet, including pillow and duvet.
  7. In the size of morning wee column, write down whether the wee was small, medium or large, or measure it in mls.
  8. In the colour of morning wee column, try to give some idea of how concentrated the wee is. You might like to ask your child if it is more like apple juice, or more like water.
  9. In the Medicines given? column, if your child has been prescribed some medicine for bedwetting, write down the dose and the time they took it.
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