Poo Diary

Use this diary to monitor your child's bowel movements.

Instructions for completing a Poo Diary

  1. Write down every poo that is passed, even if it is a little stain in the child’s pants.
  2. In the Type column, write down the number from the Bristol Stool Chart that best describes the poo (see below).
  3. Fill in the diary for a whole week, or longer if your doctor or nurse asks for it.
  4. At the end of every day, check to make sure no poos were forgotten. Write in whatever laxatives have been taken that day, including the dose.
  5. Record the amounts of stool passed as small/medium/large etc.
  6. In the Comments column, write down anything you think may be helpful, such as if your child had tummy pain or was sick.
  7. Some children use suppositories or enemas or washouts to help them poo. Note in the last column if/when your child uses any of these.
Bristol Stool Scale for Children

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