Template Letter for School re Disimpaction

Because of all the pooing and the possible discomfort, your child won’t be able to go to school during disimpaction. It may be that you can wait for the next school holiday. If not, your doctor or nurse can use this template to notify the child's school that they will be absent for the duration of the treatment.

Clinic address


The head teacher

Name and address of school

Dear ____________________________,

RE: Child's name Date of birth


Child’s name has been diagnosed with faecal impaction, which means he/she is suffering from severe constipation. The treatment for this is large quantities of laxatives given over several days.

It is not appropriate for child's name to attend school during this time as the treatment will make them go to the toilet much more than usual. He/she will also need to be given the laxatives at intervals through the day. Faecal soiling is not uncommon during the disimpaction process.

Child's name will therefore remain at home for up to about 10 days starting ______________________. Work may be sent home if appropriate.

Yours sincerely,



Health professional's name

Health professional’s designation

Upcoming dates

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