Individual health care plan

It is advised that an Individual Health Care Plan (or IHCP) is completed for all pupils who have continence difficulties that affect their school day.

As the care plan is a working document designed to assist school in their care of pupils, this should include all the information they require.

It should be completed by school with the parents & carers and involve children & young people as far as their age and development allows.

If a school has any concerns, if the child’s condition or treatment is complex, or if there are any disagreements, schools should consult the school nurse, or the relevant healthcare professional.

To help you complete this form , we have created an example of a what a completed plan might look like, using the example of a six year old child called Sam, who has constipation.

In this video, one of our Family Services Advisors talks through how to fill out an Individual Health Care Plan. This video has automatically generated captions and is 25 minutes long.

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