Help for children starting school this September

Children starting reception is an anxious time for any parent. If they are not quite clean and dry, or they have a medical condition such as constipation it can feel overwhelmingly difficult.

At ERIC we understand how challenging this can be for you, so we have some advice help making your child’s transition into primary school easier.

  • Relax. You have plenty of time before September to look at our website, use our resources, or even contact our helpline, so try not panic! There is lots of help and support available and medical conditions such as constipation are very common and treatable. We run free parent webinars every month so keep checking our website page and socials for information.
  • Speak to the school. Inform their new teacher and/or SENDCo about your child’s needs. Show them the ‘School Toilets’ section on the ERIC website. Complete an Individual Healthcare Plan like the one on our website and look at our intimate care policy. It may also be a good idea to look at the medical needs or uniform policy if your child will be wearing protective underwear and reminder watches.
  • Get local info. Ask your child’s school to send you information about the local school nursing team and parent, carer forum. They will be able to offer you lots of support and advice. You will quickly discover you’re not alone as bladder and bowel conditions in young children are very common.
  • Prepare. Consider the type of clothing your child will be wearing at school, make is as easy as possible for your child to undress. Buttons, zips and tights can be tricky for children so look for elasticated waist bands and long socks where possible. Look in the ERIC shop at our range of protective underwear, vibrating watches and items such as TomTags and other visual aids.
  • Routine. Treat any constipation and get your child into a positive toilet programme by ensuring they are drinking plenty and using the toilet 20/30 minutes after eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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