Template Letter for GP re Macrogols

Use this template letter to recommend that the child's GP prescribes a macrogol laxative.

GP Name

Name and address of surgery

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Dear Doctor ____________________________,

RE: Child's name Date of birth


Child’s name was recently seen at home/at school/in clinic. It is apparent that he/she is suffering from constipation. I have explained what constipation means and I have given the family the ERIC leaflet Advice for Children with Constipation.

I have explained that childhood constipation is invariably treated with a macrogol laxative such as Movicol, CosmoCol or Laxido, in accordance with NICE Guideline CG99. I have suggested that the parents make an appointment to see you for you to discuss a prescription; I also advised the family that you will want to undertake a brief physical examination to rule out any organic underlying cause.

I have downloaded the ERIC Information Sheet ‘How to use macrogol laxatives’ (see attached/enclosed) which I will give to the family. I will also monitor Child’s name’s progress and provide the family with on-going support.


As Child’s name appears significantly constipated I have warned the family that they may need to follow the disimpaction regime outlined in the NICE Guidance. The ERIC information sheet ‘A Parent’s Guide to Disimpaction’ provides all the information they need – see enclosed/attached.

Please let me know if you require any further information. You can contact me on___________ / at _________________.

Many thanks.

Yours sincerely,



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