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We are delighted to be partnering with Essity and Velvet Toilet Roll in support of our mission to get everyone talking openly about good bladder and bowel health from birth.




Check your poo

A third of all children struggle with constipation.

Take a look at our Poo Checker below to find your child’s poo type and what it means. If you think your child is constipated, read our factsheet, Advice for Children with Constipation.

Bristol Stool Scale for Children

Check your wee

When children drink enough, their wee should be light yellow. The darker the wee, the more dehydrated they are likely to be.

Take a look at our Wee Checker to keep an eye on their wee.

If your child has a problem with weeing, read our factsheet Advice for Children with Daytime Bladder Problems

Hydration chart wee checker

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